Slab Leak Prevention And Repair

Slab leaks present one of the most catastrophic plumbing problems that your home or business can face. Essentially, a slab leak occurs when a water line within the concrete floor of your property breaks or begins to leak.

Slab leaks have a number of causes. Oftentimes, pipes fail naturally over periods of long use because of the corrosive and erosive effect of the water running through them. Other times, slab leaks are the result of poor installation practices.

Unfortunately, if a slab leak goes undetected for an extended amount of time, repair can be tedious and expensive. Every homeowner should educate themselves about the warning signs. Through routine expert plumbing inspection and maintenance, homeowners stand the best chance of identifying problems early.

The plumbing experts at Brown & Sons have the training and experience to help you prevent or repair slab leaks at your Allen home. Their plumbing team can work with you to set up the inspection and maintenance schedule that works for you in order to keep your water system running efficiently.

Signs that Your Home May Have a Slab Leak

There are many signs that your home may have a slab leak. If you notice that your water or gas bill has increased substantially, a slab leak may be the cause. Also, slab leaks can cause a cold water line to deliver hot water. Sometimes slab leaks affect your water heater, causing it to remain on constantly. If you hear running water in your walls or if your floors begin to buckle or feel warm, your home may have a slab leak.

Preventing Slab Leaks in your Allen Home

Routine inspection by qualified plumbing experts is the first and best line of defense against slab leaks. During these inspections, the plumbing contractor will pay particular attention to the pressure of your water system. Also, they can potentially identify an issue early on by reviewing your water bills over time.

In addition, the expert will ensure that pressure is maintained at proper levels throughout your system, mitigating the potential of slab leak occurrence. Through routine quality plumbing maintenance, your water contractor can prevent smaller problems within your plumbing system from leading to more drastic issues.

It is recommended that all homeowners have a plumbing expert conduct this inspection annually. All supply lines and emergency shut off values should be checked for proper functionality. A trained technician can also replace pressure reducing valves as a preventative measure during this inspection. If the experts identify worn pipes that pose the potential of failing, they have the capability of changing those pipes before a slab leak occurs.

The plumbing experts at Brown & Sons have the requisite knowledge and experience to assess your Allen home’s water system. By hiring them to conduct routine inspections and maintenance, you put you and your family in the best position to avoid slab leaks. The routine maintenance of changing worn pipes and replacing faulty valves is far less expensive than the potential damage of an unidentified slab leak.

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