Flood Safety


Floods in the home can happen due to a number of reasons that don’t include floods from harsh weather conditions. Leaks or bursts in pipes, hot water tanks, waterlines, fixtures, faucet connections, or other areas in your plumbing system can cause flooding.

There are a number of flood safety devices that can help you to ensure flooding won’t happen in your home due to your plumbing systems.

Leak detectors with automatic water shutoff connectors detect even the smallest of leaks and will turn off the water supply line automatically when one is detected.

These flood stop shutoff valves are very affordable and are not cumbersome for a professional plumber to install. The expense is offset when you consider that if not installed, flood water damages would cost you plenty of your hard-earned cash.

Flooding in the home is something that you don’t want to have to suffer through. Not only will your personal property get damaged, your home may be unlivable until the issue is completely resolved.

This can cost homeowners a lot of money, not only for the repairs to the plumbing but repairs to the home as well as potential temporary displacement costs.

Sump pumps are flood control devices that remove water which has already started to accumulate into a flood. These are commonly placed in basements but can be installed wherever it’s needed.

If you are interested in systems that provide you with flood water safety and flow control, our technicians can discuss your options with you.

Brown & Sons is a full-service local plumbing, air conditioning, and AC repair and installation company based in Denton. We provide DFW and Denton County homeowners with expert plumbing services including the installation of flood safety devices.

Proudly serving the North DFW area since 2005, our company has years of experience offering only the very best in plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance services. When you are considering flood safety devices for your home, be sure to call us at Brown & Sons.

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