Gas Heaters

Brown & Sons Offers Repair & Installation on Gas Heaters

Gas heaters and furnaces are some of the most efficient heating systems possible. Utility bills are usually low when compared to their electric counterparts, but just like any other HVAC component, a heater can suffer from many issues. If you experience any issue with your gas heater, Brown and Sons can come to your rescue within minutes for emergencies. We also offer same-day service for simple repairs.

Most Common Problems with Gas Heaters

There are certain things to look for that mean you need gas heaters repaired. These are some common problems our technicians run into every day:

  • A strange smell from your heater
  • Gas heater doesn’t supply enough heater no heat at all – might be caused by a thermostat failure or blown fuse
  • Gas heater switches on then off – could signal several problems; requires assessment from an HVAC contractor
  • Gas blower doesn’t turn off
  • Gas heater pilot goes out

If you are experiencing any of this issues or any other problems with your home or office gas heaters, Brown and Sons can help. Our gas heater technicians are highly trained and experienced.

Contact us today for service or an estimate.


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