Electric Heaters

Should You Make the Switch?

As many people become concerned with the rising prices of natural gas, homeowners are wondering if they should finally make the switch to electric heating. When considering this decision, it may be good to consult with your local heating specialists about the benefits of electrical heating and the possible costs involved.

Depending on how much electric service is in your area and your average usage, it may or may not be more cost-effective to switch to electric heating. There are many formulas that can be used to determine these things, and one of our professionals will be happy to help you make the right decision.

How Can Electric Heaters Help Colder Rooms?

Some houses with gas heaters have a room or two that just won’t stay warm in the winter no matter what. Electric heater installation can do the trick. Brown and Sons can install a separate thermostat and individual heaters for these rooms for that added comfort.

Electric Heater Installation Process

Installing electric heaters can be quite complicated because the process requires:

  • new wiring
  • finding the correct location for the heater and thermostat
  • making sure you have enough circuit breakers

That is why it is so important to call in an expert to do the job correctly and safely.

Once we’re done, you and your family can enjoy consistently warm rooms throughout the house.

For more information on electric heaters, contact our heating contractors.


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