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Faucet repair can be more than simply a way to control the flow of water in your sink. To many, faucets are also a statement of style. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right faucet for both functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Our Leaky Faucets repair experts are experienced in helping customers choose and install faucets quickly and efficiently. We are highly trained, licensed, and insured, and when you call us, you can be sure you’re getting the very best service and

Types of Faucets

There are four major types of faucets available from which you can choose, and each has different functionality and parts. While some faucets may be simple to fix, other are quite complicated, and you may not be able to tell for sure which type you currently have in your bathroom.

Let the following guide help you determine the type of faucet you currently have or wish to see in your bathroom.

1. Ball Faucets

Ball faucets were the first type of faucet to be washerless. These faucets are often identified by the single handle with a round cap above the base of the spout. This is where the chambers holding different temperatures of water are located.

A ball faucet has many parts, making it more complicated to assess and repair, but you can be sure that Brown and Sons has trained our service technicians in all repairs and installations.

2. Disc Faucets

Disc faucets are perhaps the most technologically advanced faucets available. Like ball faucets, the temperature is controlled by one handle, but instead of a ball holding the chambers, the lever is set on top of a cylindrical body. This houses two discs that slide over each other to control water temperature.

A disc faucet is perhaps the most efficient faucet types and is the least likely to need repair.

3. Cartridge Faucets

A cartridge faucet is a little bit harder to identify because it can have either a single or double handle. Instead, these faucets are typically recognized by how they operate. They use a movable stem cartridge to work, meaning that with a single handle, you would push up or down for water flow and left or right for temperature.

4. Compression Faucets

Compression faucets are the original type of faucet. Original as well as updated versions are common in many houses today. They are the least expensive faucet to install and are unique because they only operate using two handles that you have to loosen and tighten to control the flow of water and temperature.

How Our New Pricing & Service Menu Works

1. We go in and see what’s wrong with your home then we offer options for service, anywhere from platinum to band aid, and let you choose what’s best for you!

2. Most flat rate companies come and look at your problem and give one price to fix and no other options, so you never know if you are getting a good deal. We don’t do that, we will provide a better level of pricing that is more fair and customized to your needs.

3. It’s very frustrating to you when you contact the other guys and they quote you a single price, and only one option for service… it’s like “take it, or leave it!” when you do business with the other guys – but with Brown & Sons we don’t work that way! We give you a fully customized price quote that is specific only to your needs and give you options so you can choose the best plan for your budget.