Water Filter Installation


A water filtration system is installed to your existing water supply, acting to reduce potentially harmful impurities and other contaminants that exist in tap water.

Old pipes and faulty city water processing can create impurities in drinking water that will affect our health. The water coming from these systems also tastes bad. There are bacteria in our water supply as well that the very young, old, or unhealthy are vulnerable to.

When we filter the water for our homes, we have choices in systems that can remove various issues with the water. Your water may also contain too much chlorine or fluoride which can cause problems.

Some filtration systems use reverse osmosis to reduce the dissolved solids present in your water. This method of water purification uses a process where your tap water is pushed through a membrane via pressure to demineralize and deionize it.

There are many options in water filters for your home. You can have a whole home water filtration system installed or just a filter system attached to your kitchen faucet.

There are many advantages to a whole home water filtration system. When the water is filtered throughout the home, water softening technologies can be used to ensure that the pipes in your home remain free from scale or mineral buildup.

When all water fixtures in your home have the benefit of filtered water, it helps the shower, tub, sinks, commode tank, and faucets to function better because there is no buildup of lime and scale.

Softer water when taking a shower or bath means less soap is needed. Fluoride and chlorine can be removed from your bathroom water which helps you and your family to stay healthier.

Other than the whole home water filter system, you can choose a countertop filter or under the counter faucet filter.

If you are at all green minded, using a water filter for your home is definitely at the top of the list. Bottled water only creates more waste from the discarding of plastic bottles.

Instead of purchasing bottled water and having to lug it home every week, adding even a small filtering system to your home can rid you of this encumbering chore.

Brown & Sons is a full-service local plumbing, air conditioning, and AC repair and installation company based in Denton. We proudly serving the North DFW area.. We can install your water filter system for you so that you’re drinking water and plumbing systems of your home stay clean and free from harmful contaminants you don’t need.

Our company has years of experience and we offer only the very best in plumbing repairs, installations, and maintenance services. So when you are considering water filters for your home, be sure to call us at Brown & Sons.

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