Furnace Repairs

Dependable Furnace Repairs In Denton

For you results you can count on every time, choose Brown & Sons Plumbing for all your Denton furnace repair needs. We provide comprehensive furnace maintenance and repair for all parts and all types of furnaces. Whether you have a residential furnace or a furnace for your business, we provide a point by point assessment in order to fully restore your furnace back to new. We are Texas certified and licensed to perform repairs for all brand names and manufacturers. So no matter how simple or complex your problems are, our Denton Heating contractor will repair your furnace and get it running like new once again!

Complete Furnace Inspections

Since furnaces operated differently than boilers or heat pumps, they require the expertise of a seasoned technician that knows every component and how it works. Before we repair your furnace, we give it a thorough inspection in order to determine exactly what the issues are. In some cases you may only need minor repairs or upgrades. In instances, a total replacement may be necessary. When you contact a Brown & Sons technician, we promptly arrive at your home and provide you with an evaluation that is honest, accurate, and we never do more than what is required.

Save Money with Routine Maintenance

If neglected, a furnace will wind up costing you more money than is necessary. With routine maintenance, however, your furnace will operate more efficiently, which saves you money on your energy bill each month. It also keeps costly repairs at a minimum and keeps your equipment running smoothly all year long. With hot summers and freezing winters, it’s good to know that you have a system that you can rely on all year long. Our maintenance service insures that small issues won’t turn into big issues. It also extends the life of your furnace for several more years. Contact us today and ask us about our routine furnace tune ups.

Furnace Replacement For Your Home

If your furnace is beyond repair, then you may need a totally new system in your home. Although replacing your furnace can be a hassle, we make it easy with our comprehensive service. This includes removing the old furnace, helping you assess what type of furnace is right for your home interior, delivery of all products and parts, and, finally, implementation of all equipment involved. We set your new furnace up and have it ready to go. All you have to do is turn on the thermostat. We install furnace products of the highest quality from reputable manufacturers you know and trust.

Why Choose Brown & Sons

One of the things that distinguishes Brown & Sons from other companies in Texas is that we have decades of combines industry experience. Our technicians have the knowledge and training to handle any problem out there. We pride ourselves in consistently achieving a high level of customer satisfaction with affordable rates that stay within your budget. We work closely with each of our clients and do every job with absolute care and precision right down to the smallest details. Don’t take chances with your furnace. Call Brown & Sons today. We are Denton’s furnace experts.

How Our New Pricing & Service Menu Works

1. We go in and see what’s wrong with your home then we offer options for service, anywhere from platinum to band aid, and let you choose what’s best for you!

2. Most flat rate companies come and look at your problem and give one price to fix and no other options, so you never know if you are getting a good deal. We don’t do that, we will provide a better level of pricing that is more fair and customized to your needs.

3. It’s very frustrating to you when you contact the other guys and they quote you a single price, and only one option for service… it’s like “take it, or leave it!” when you do business with the other guys – but with Brown & Sons we don’t work that way! We give you a fully customized price quote that is specific only to your needs and give you options so you can choose the best plan for your budget.