Tankless Water Heater


One of your options in tankless water heater systems is the Insta-Hot tankless water heater. This hot water system is installed under your sink and will dispense hot water to you instantly.

Made by Waterstone in the USA, the Insta-Hot tankless water heater not only gives you instant hot water, but helps to ensure you won’t ever have a hot water tank flood.

Under the counter hot water systems provide easy hot water for your hot cocoa, coffee, tea, cooking, or cleaning.

When you have a hot water tank, over time there is buildup in the tank due to the constant heating of the minerals in the water. Unpurified water or water that has not been demineralized is hard, containing lime and minerals. When this hard water is heated, the minerals turn into a scale that builds up in the tank and water lines.

Over time, the scale and minerals buildup to where your heating elements and other parts are corroded and break down. The pipes in your home become scaled and over time the opening for water flow in the pipes gets smaller and smaller. Pieces of the scale break off and end up on you or in your drinking water.

This is unhealthy for you and your family. Using an instant hot water system like the Insta-Hot will help to reduce scale because there is no tank system for the materials to settle in and the hot water is heated at the tap instead of far down the water line.

There are many options for your home other than tankless hot water systems. Brown & Sons is a full-service local plumbing, air conditioning, and AC repair and installation company based in Denton.

We proudly serving the North DFW area with expert services since 2005. We can install your Insta-Hot system for you so that you’re hot water needs are provided for you in an instant!

Our company has years of experience and we offer only the very best in Tankless Repair & Replacement, installations, and maintenance services. So when you are considering hot water systems for your home, be sure to call us at Brown & Sons.

Some of our other services include:

How Our New Pricing & Service Menu Works

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