Is A Chemical Drain Cleaner Effective?

When drains get clogged up, it can be the beginning of a very bad day. Everyone takes the draining capability of their shower, sink, and bathtub for granted until the water won’t go down. Many homeowners try to clear the clogs themselves with some sort of chemical drain cleanerinstead of calling us at Brown & Sons Plumbing. Trying to tackle a clog on your own can be a big mistake.

What Clogs up the Works?

There are three categories of clogs into which most stopped-up drains fall: foreign objects, greasy food and hair. Foreign objects may include too much toilet paper, feminine hygiene products, and/or tree roots. Bacon grease tops the list of food clogs, although other foods can jam up the works as well. Hair clogs occur during showering, shaving and bathing. When mixed with soap over time, it can hold up the water flow in a major way.

What Chemicals Are Used?

The ingredient list on each bottle of a chemical drain cleaner is usually about the same as the next one. The scientific name of the typical main ingredient is Sodium Hydroxide, but basically these supposed clog-clearers are caustic soda and lye. The goal in using these products is to dissolve the hair, food or foreign objects. Unfortunately, this will only work if the problem is relatively minor, as well as close to the surface. Also, because this concoction is harmful to humans and plumbing fixtures, it should be used with extreme caution.

What Else Can Be Done?

If drains are stopped up, it takes a professional plumber to effectively troubleshoot the problem, and then solve it. By calling on experienced plumbers, drains can be cleared or cleaned with the latest techniques, such as hydro jetting, which involves a stream of pressurized water to remove blockages or odors.

Instead of pouring your money down the drain in the form of a chemical drain cleaner, call us at Brown & Sons Plumbing. We are the Denton Plumbers you can trust to take care of your clog promptly and safely, so contact us at 940-305-9539.

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