Addison is an unincorporated town located in the state of Texas, within Dallas County. The city’s population was 13,056 at the 2010 census. Located just North of the large Dallas, TX metro area, Addison is a suburb to the metroplex. Addison is a great place to live for working and shopping in Dallas. While it’s considered to be in the far north Dallas area, plenty of industry and commercial opportunities are available for employment. Being so close to Dallas, commuting is not difficult if you work downtown or on the east or west sides. Living in the area allows you to have access to some of the most luxurious entertainment and shopping experiences in the area. Many homes in Addison have plenty of exterior space for family barbeques and get-togethers. And you know how we Texans love to BBQ!

Local Heating & AC Repairs and Installation in Addison

Brown & Sons Plumbing is located near Addison in Denton, TX. We service the north Dallas, Fort Worth metro area with reliable plumbing, heating and air conditioning repairs and installations. There are a number of issues that can cause your heater or heat pump to malfunction including low refrigerant, faulty parts, clogged drip lines, thermostat issues, and more. If your heating and air conditioning gives you problems, you will want someone to call right away. You need quick, 24 hour service that you can count on. We are an honest, professional repair company that cares about our customers.  Let our Addison Air Conditioning experts be your favorite heating and AC service men. We have been taking care of our friends and neighbors in the Addison area for years, and have built a solid reputation in the area. Our customers are our priority, and getting you comfortable in your home again is number one.

Professional Local Plumbing Services in Addison

We also provide expert Addison Plumbing Services for our customers. Whether your plumbing needs repair, replacement, or installation, we can handle all your needs. Our company has been proudly serving Addison and surrounding areas since 2005. We handle all your concerns with expert repairs and top rate customer service. If your home’s plumbing is outdated, it’s time to repair or replace it. Why wait when at any moment that rusted out connection can break off and create a flood in your home? Call our experts today!


How Our New Pricing & Service Menu Works

1. We go in and see what’s wrong with your home then we offer options for service, anywhere from platinum to band aid, and let you choose what’s best for you!

2. Most flat rate companies come and look at your problem and give one price to fix and no other options, so you never know if you are getting a good deal. We don’t do that, we will provide a better level of pricing that is more fair and customized to your needs.

3. It’s very frustrating to you when you contact the other guys and they quote you a single price, and only one option for service… it’s like “take it, or leave it!” when you do business with the other guys – but with Brown & Sons we don’t work that way! We give you a fully customized price quote that is specific only to your needs and give you options so you can choose the best plan for your budget.