Three Key Parts Of Our Service Model

We like to talk a little bit about the jobs that we go out on to help homeowners with their properties around the local area. Sometimes it’s something big like a washing machine problem, or even a water or sewer line emergence, or a slab leak.  Other times it’s something a little more specialized that has to be done inside a particular housing unit.

Water Filters

This is often a proactive type of job that we take on for people who are usually new property owners. They want to increase the quality of the water they get from the tap. So they have a choice of whether to put in line water filters, tap water filters, or other models that use reverse osmosis or other methods to clean water. There’s some planning and design that goes into this, and we are good at getting intro a property and figuring out how to integrate the water filter technology in a way that’s efficient and convenient. Some people want a gooseneck on the sink, and others would like to have a separate dispenser, for example. We listen to you and make it happen!

Garbage Disposals

These parts of your home’s plumbing apparatus can be extremely tricky. The thing about the garbage disposal (that some of our techs have opined on) is that on the one hand, it’s open to the end user in the sink drain, but on the other hand, there is this hidden mechanism that you have to deal with. It’s not uncommon for things to get stuck in the garbage disposal. After all, it’s supposed to work on the basis of churning up solids into something that can go down the drain. In some ways, to a professional plumber, it’s almost counterintuitive. So we do a lot of calls on garbage disposals, and we know how to fix it right the first time, so that there’s less trouble after the plumber leaves.

Water Heaters

There can be a lot of logistics involved with traditional water heaters. There is the eventual burden of replacement, as well as all of the planning that goes into making these huge tanks fit in a small housing unit. We have installed new tankless water heaters at many properties, and help homeowners to figure out ways to balance the cost and size of water heater against what they need for their property. That’s a little bit about us – call us for any problems with your home!

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