Three Steps to Take When Your Toilet is Overflowing

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Most people have experienced what it feels like to flush a toilet and watch the bowl slowly fill with water as it approaches the brim. As the water comes dangerously close to causing a flood in your bathroom, you go into panic mode. In those tense seconds, the outcome of a clogged toilet depends on how you handle yourself and the steps that you take. Here at Brown & Sons Plumbing Plumbing, we can handle any plumbing repair, but we believe in helping make emergency plumbing situations easier on our clients. If you are not sure what steps to take as your toilet is overflowing, here is a straightforward guide to follow to avoid a messy toilet overflow:

Step 1: Turn Off the Water Supply

If you do not take action quickly and turn the water supply to your toilet off, in a matter of seconds that rising water will overflow the bowl and spill out onto your bathroom floor. The first step anyone should take in this situation is to locate the water supply line at the bottom of the toilet and turn it off. Turn the valve connected to the line counterclockwise and this will immediately cut off the water flow to the toilet.

Step 2: If You Do Not Have a Valve Under the Toilet

If you do not have a valve located under your toilet, you will need to lift the tank cover and pull the float cup so that water stops filling the bowl. As you are holding the cup up, have someone in the home shutoff the water supply to the home, which is typically located in the basement or close to the water heater. If you are not sure where these valves are, ask your Grapevine plumber to show you where they are located before you need to learn how to fix an overflowing toilet.

Step 3: Plunge the Bowl

If the bowl is about to overflow, take a bucket and remove excess water. Make sure that the bowl is about halfway full of water and take a plunger to apply pressure to the hole in the bowl. This pressure should dislodge the clog that led to an overflow. If plunging does not work, there may be a large item dislodged deep into the pipes.

It is common for toilets to overflow, and a majority of the time you can handle the situation without having to resort to professional toilet repair. In the case where you do need a professional plumber to come to your home, trust our reliable team here at Brown & Sons Plumbing Plumbing. Call 800-758-6246 to set up your appointment and we guarantee that you will be happy with our service.


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