The Truth About DIY Drain Cleaning

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From time to time, every household will experience a clogged drain. Soap, hair, grease, and toothpaste find their way down the drain every day, and if a pipe becomes clogged in the process, it can put your sink out of commission. You may be tempted to deal with this inconvenience by running out to buy a drain cleaner at your closest retail store, but the ingredients in many DIY drain cleaners are hazardous to both your family’s and your pipes’ health.

The Dangers of DIY

Although they are inexpensive and appear easy for the average homeowner to use, there are a few problems associated with many DIY liquid drain cleaners. The chemicals in drain cleaners, which may be acids, oxidizers, or caustics, depending on the brand, are highly toxic. They are designed to react with the foreign material clogging the pipe—the gaseous heat generated by this reaction essentially burns the clog away.

How Chemical Drain Cleaners Work

Sometimes these drain cleaners work as they are supposed to, but often, they are ineffective. As unfortunate as this is, the problem is exacerbated when the heat generated by the reaction damages your plumbing system’s pipes and fittings. The chemical ingredients in drain cleaners can soften or burn through some pipes, especially those made of PVC, and they may worsen issues with galvanized steel and copper pipes that are already corroded.

Along with possible damage to pipes, liquid drain cleaners may damage any surface they come into contact with and pose a danger to children and pets who may accidentally ingest them. If the gases from the drain cleaner mix with fumes from other cleaners or bleach, the result could potentially be deadly.

Trust the Professionals

If you’ve tried using a chemical drain cleaner and still have a clog, Brown & Sons Plumbing, your local Denton plumber, is here to help. Whether you need pipe repair or a solution for that clogged drain, our trained technicians will evaluate the problem and get the job done right the first time. For emergency service or to schedule a drain cleaning, call us at 800-758-6246.

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