Stop the Clog Before it Happens

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Clogged drains are a stinky, filthy, time consuming mess. Instead of dealing with the aftermath of a drain clog, it is much easier to prevent the situation from happening in the first place. With these plumbing maintenance tips from our McKinney plumbers at Brown & Sons Plumbing Plumbing, you can stop that clog before it happens.

Preventing Drain Clogs

Preventing drain clogs is much less time consuming than unclogging a stopped up drain. These tips for each type of drain will help things run smoothly.

  • Use a strainer in each drain to prevent debris like food and hair from going down the pipe.

  • Avoid sending too much debris through the garbage disposer.

  • Teach children about what is appropriate and not appropriate to flush down the toilet or sink.

  • Do preventative maintenance each week on the drain. The baking soda and vinegar method works well for any drain. Follow this with a few minutes of hot running water.

What Not To Do To Drains

By not abusing the various drains in the house, they will operate well and wreak less havoc. Avoiding these drain no-nos can prevent many problems.

  • Do not flush feminine hygine products, baby wipes, or diapers down the toilet.

  • After scrubbing the floors, do not dump the dirty water down the household drain.

  • Use less soap, shampoo, conditioner, and other products that can cause buildup in drain pipes.

  • Do not flush paper products like paper towels, tissue, or large wads of toilet paper down the toilet.

  • Avoid sending thick liquids like sauce down the drain.

  • Never pour grease down the drain.

Regular drain cleaning as part of routine household cleaning will help the drains flow smoothly. If a clog does occur, our plumbing repair specialists are available 24/7 to assist. Call us at Brown & Sons Plumbing Plumbing any time at 800-758-6246 for prompt, reliable and friendly drain cleaning service.

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