How to Snake a Drain Using an Auger Tool

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From your bathroom shower to the kitchen sink, your drains are one of the most-used components of your home plumbing system. Constant and varied daily use can quickly cause these sites to become clogged, leading to water backup issues, poor water pressure, and even foul odors. Keeping a basic plumber’s auger, or sewer snake, on hand and learning how to snake a drain yourself can help to save you and your family from the hassle of persistent clogs and difficult-to-remove debris. Of course, not all clogs are created equal; for especially hard jobs our Brown & Sons Plumbing technicians can provide expert advice, assessment and assistance for just about any plumbing emergency.

When to Use a Plumber’s Snake

Many simple drainage problems can be solved by clearing the collecting trap, but clogs caused by pipe blockage may require an augering tool. When learning how to snake a drain, the basic steps you should take are:

  • Step 1: Remove drain trap, insert snake into the drain line, and gently feed the coil until you meet the obstruction.
  • Step 2: Once you have reached the clog, try to hook onto it by turning the snake’s handle clockwise.
  • Step 3: When the obstruction is firmly hooked, slowly push and twist the clog until you feel it breaking up.
  • Step 4: Once the clog has been dissolved, flush the pipes with cold water. At this point you can reassemble the cleaned trap, making sure to reseal the threads.

Professional Augering Services

Even if you know how to snake a drain, you may want to leave your pipes in the hands of our Denton plumbing professionals. For persistent clogs and stubborn obstructions, contact Brown & Sons Plumbing at 800-758-6246 to make an appointment today.

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