Slab Leaks Weaken Your Home

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The concrete slab foundation of your home is meant to last. It’s strong, sturdy, and is a solid foundation upon which your home is built. The walls and roof of your home depend on this solid structure for support and strength.

Plumbing systems are sunk in the concrete slab as your home is being built. When they experience a leak underneath or in the foundation, it is sure to damage the structure of the slab –making it weak and vulnerable. Much damage can also occur to the home if the leak occurs where it will cause indoor flooding.

Not all slab leaks are detected by the homeowner. Leaks underneath the foundation may never be discovered until the home ends its life or become so weakened that the structures finally makes the problem evident. Homeowners with water bills that suddenly spike but no sign of leaking is present should call a specialist who can detect slab leaks.

Otherwise, signs that you may have a slab leak could be large wet areas near your foundation or more obviously when the foundation itself looks darker in a certain area.

Slab leaks form due to a number of conditions. Among them are corrosive soil content. Your ground soil could hold chemicals from various sources that corrode the concrete foundation. The primary culprit of corrosive chemicals that can infect your soil is from corroding plumbing pipes. Once the pipes corrode, they will soon rust and leak. The corrosion can work itself into the foundation.

Another reason your pipes can leak into your foundation is if they rub or vibrate against the concrete. Eventually the joints are likely to break and leaking will occur.

Too much built up pressure can also cause pipes to leak under your slab. Earthquakes or poor construction, crushing or creasing, all can contribute to pressure that can cause massive leaks.

The problem with slab leaks is that once they build enough water underneath the slab, the soil will get washed away and your foundation can get completely destroyed. Of course, since the foundation is the strong structure that holds up the rest of your home, then your entire home could be in jeopardy.

Ensuring that your pipes are properly insulated can help some cases of slab leaks. Inspections can be done for your slab by professional slab repair companies like ours here at Brown & Sons. If you see any reason that you may have a slab leak, including cracks along walls (means your foundation may have shifted), water pools or puddles, discolored areas of your foundation, or any other issue, call in a professional soon. You don’t want to wait for the problem to get worse.

Be sure to give your insurance carrier a call as well because the issue may be covered under your homeowner’s hazard insurance policy. Then give us a call and Brown & Sons and we’ll inspect your plumbing and slab.

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