Signs You Need to Know for Proper Gas Leak Detection

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Do you know what signs and signals indicate that a gas leak is present on your property? Many of the people we talk to are not familiar with all the signs of an outdoor gas leak. By educating themselves, they can know when to inform a member of the Brown & Sons Plumbing team that a problem is present, and one of our Denton gas leak repair technicians will respond to the situation quickly and efficiently. Prompt gas leak detection in many instances can literally save lives.

Outdoor Gas Leaks

Outdoor gas leak detection is fairly straightforward if you know what to look for. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a patch of grass that resists greening even with repeated watering? Is this patch close to a buried gas line?
  • Do you smell gas in the vicinity?
  • Do you hear an unexplained hissing sound?
  • Do you see any dirt or dust being blown into the air on a windless day?

These are the most common signs of an outdoor gas leak. If you notice any of these, it is better to call us than to ignore a potential gas leak.

Dig Safely

You are most likely to notice these signs after the ground has been disturbed. Earthquakes and other natural disasters can disrupt gas lines, but so can digging in your yard. Disturbed earth may be the first step of successful gas leak detection. If you plan to dig in your yard, make sure you call the national 811 hotline to learn about any utility lines present on your property. You can also contact Brown & Sons Plumbing at 800-758-6246 to learn about digging safety.

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