Shower Water Coming Up To Your Ankles?

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Shower Water Coming Up To Your Ankles?

Denton TX Drain Cleaning Experts

Our Denton plumbers offer helpful tips on how to remove stubborn shower clogs

Are your once-relaxing showers slowly turning into baths? When you’re taking a shower and the water level rises to your ankles (or worse) the culprit will almost always be a clogged shower drain – and our Denton TX plumbing company is here to provide a solution.

A widely-known and universally-feared cause of shower drain clogs is human hair. Hair will often become tangled, stick together, and act as a barrier – keeping the water from your showerhead from travelling smoothly through its drain destination. Unfortunately for hair clog sufferers, hair is nearly impossible to dissolve with a drain-cleaning agent.

So what’s your other option? Complete removal – usually manually. First, make sure the clog isn’t a simple gathering of hair on top of the strainer. If you’ve checked that, it’s time to remove the strainer and dive deeper into your plumbing system. You can usually do this with a screwdriver, in one way or another. Now, use a flashlight to peer down into the drain, taking note of the water level and any clumps of hair or noticeable backups. If you can see the clog, use an unraveled wire hanger or pipe cleaner to slowly remove the clog – but make sure you don’t make the problem worse by pushing the blockage even further down.

If you can’t see the blockage, it’s time to find your plunger. If you can’t get solid suction, we suggest placing petroleum jelly around the drain to help. Then, pour enough water into the drain so that it overflows out of the drain; this will cause a suction force with the water to help guide any foreign objects out of your shower. Now, with some solid plunging, your clog should come out. But there are always going to be stoppages that are more stubborn than the rest.

If you’ve exhausted all of these options and you’re still “swimming in your showers,” it’s probably time to give our professional Denton TX plumbers a call – we service the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We’ll use our professional plumbing equipment to make sure your shower drain is up-and-running as good as new. Contact us today for service.

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