Sewer Gas Leak Remedies

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Sewer Gas Leak Remedies

A sewer smell inside your home can be inconvenient and dangerous. First and foremost, if you feel the problem has become serious, contact our Denton TX plumbers as soon as you can.

The water in your toilet bowl acts as a “seal” or a cap for your sewage lines – it keeps the sewer smell out and your fresh air intact. Toilet bowl water levels are leveled automatically, but sewer gases can escape if the water level is improperly fluctuating. There are seals that can malfunction connected to nearly every plumbing appliance in your home.

There are many different ways that sewer gas can escape your plumbing system, even if the appliances were installed by professional plumbers. Start with the easy solutions first. It’s surprising how some supposedly difficult problems have relatively easy remedies.

In the case of a problem, you may smell sewer gas when you’re brushing your teeth or when you flush the toilet. Although it may seem like it’s coming from the water, that’s typically not the case – the scent is often coming from inside the plumbing fixture.

A common source of smells is from the natural organisms that live in the sewer. These organisms can get past the sewage traps and creep into your plumbing system, often bringing a smell with them. These organisms can live in the upper rim of your toilet bowl – and a flush can send them spiraling down, also delivering a scent with them. The problem can occur anytime of the years, but most often occurs during hot and humid weather, and Denton has been through a lot of that.

The solution is to carefully remove the toilet tank lid and set it aside on a towel or soft surface. Insert a funnel into the top of the overflow pipe in the toilet tank. Several cups of bleach must then be poured into the funnel to disinfect the area; but the bleach must be poured into the overflow. Pouring it through a turkey baster is one way to go about this.

If you’re plagued with a pink/brown/black ring of mold at the water line in the toilet bowl, the above bleach treatment will remedy this. A ring of mold can also show up in a pet’s water bowl that’s kept in a bathroom. The bowl also needs to be disinfected with bleach.

For more information on how we can repair your sewer gas leak in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, please contact our Denton plumbing company.

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