Service Calls for Heating Repair Stack Up

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For a heating repair specialist, business starts to boom when the temperature starts to drop. The list of service calls piles up daily as customers suddenly get concerned about their furnaces with the hint of winter in the air. The calls keep coming in even as the repairman drives to each appointment. Brown & Sons Plumbing wants to make sure you are comfortable all winter long, so the time to address any heating issues you may be experiencing is now, before the weather turns cold for extended periods of time.

What to Look for In the Heating System

Once he arrives at a home, the repairman must analyze what is wrong and what’s working well in the heating system. He will open up the furnace and inspect it, troubleshooting system problems like a leaky heat exchanger or a plugged exhaust pipe outside. A leaking heat exchanger is particularly dangerous because it can lead to an accumulation of carbon monoxide in your home.

Another basic maintenance step is to clean or replace the furnace filter. This can help your unit run a lot more efficiently and help save on energy bills.

Call the Right Company

If a furnace is more than 15 years old, the ongoing cost of heating repair it may make it worthwhile to invest in a new furnace, and you may also find tax credits for installing a more environmentally friendly unit. A Denton heater maintenance professional can offer a variety of solutions. At Brown & Sons Plumbing, we understand the importance of a well-run heating system and we guarantee our work. If you want an estimate on a service call, or to get more information about our heating and plumbing services, call us at 800-758-6246.

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