Say Goodbye to Tub Stains

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Say Goodbye to Tub Stains

We’re pretty sure that everyone has had that annoying stain (or stains) in the bathtub that seems to linger forever. You scrub and scrub and scrub, but nothing seems to work.

We may have a couple of tub cleaning solutions for you. Good luck.

Use the rough stuff: Most of the time, sandpaper will do the job that a hard towel, scrubber or even scouring pad won’t do. They not only take away stains but also get the job done without damaging the tub. It only takes a little piece of sandpaper to do a big job.

Be abrasive with your tub: If your tub is porcelain, abrasive powder should be considered. Mixing in the power with water can work well with a scouring pad or a pumice stone. Abrasive powders clean and decontaminate your tub. In other words, the stain AND the potential smell will be gone.

The unorthodox alternative: It has been recommended that super glue can be used on tub stains. We know what you’re thinking … super glue? Really? When super glue is applied, it dries the stain, and that stain can be removed using a pumice stone, as stain meshes with the dried glue. Use this method only if the sandpaper doesn’t work. The last thing you want to do is glue things together that shouldn’t be glued together.

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