Save Money With Regular Maintenance for Gas Heaters

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If you rely on a gas heater to keep your home warm, knowing how to properly maintain it is the key to saving money and escaping the stress of an emergency repair. At Brown & Sons Plumbing, we offer full-service gas heater repairs and installations, but we also recommend that homeowners understand the basics of keeping their gas heaters in working condition.

Inspections That You Can Handle Yourself

Scheduling an annual inspection is the surest way to ensure that your heater works in peak condition throughout winter. However, there are also signs of trouble that you can detect during a personal inspection. Some things that you should check include:

  • Can you smell or see gas leaking near the heater?
  • Is the pilot light on and burning blue?
  • Is the control valve turned all the way open?
  • Are the vents free of debris?
  • Does your thermostat correspond to your actual home temperature?

If you answered yes to the first question or no to any of the others, you can benefit from calling a Denton heater repair expert for assistance.

Maintenance Services That We Provide

For gas heaters to function at peak condition, basic maintenance also must be performed regularly. This includes cleaning the unit, switching out the air filters, checking the tension belt, and oiling the motor. Maintenance should be done either at the start of winter or at the end, before the heater is turned off.

Of course, sometimes even the best inspection and maintenance routine cannot prevent all potential problems with gas heaters. If you run into an issue and need help, whether in the form of advice or an emergency repair, don’t hesitate to call Brown & Sons Plumbing at 800-758-6246 for expert assistance.

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