Plumbing Maintenance: Don’t Flush Non-Decomposable Wipes

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As a smart consumer, you are likely checking the labels on the common household items you purchase to be sure they are flushable before putting them down the drain. While this is a good practice, some consumers have recently found that the labels on many of these items are misleading. If your plumbing system has become backed up due to un-decomposed waste, our plumbing maintenance team at Brown & Sons Plumbing would like to help you get your system up and running again.

Avoiding the Clog

A recent interview with long-time plumber Ty Kontrath went more into depth about the common waste back-up problem many homeowners experience. Products such as wipes that read “flushable” on the label are leading many homeowners to have plumbing problems. Although the product says it can be flushed, it is made of a non-decomposable material. This hefty material creates a clog which may lead to the back-up of sewage in your plumbing system. For quick repair, our Denton plumbing repair team would like to help you with any clogs or plumbing concerns you may have.

What Can Be Done?

In order to avoid these easily-preventable plumbing maintenance problems, we might suggest carefully investigating before flushing any questionable materials down your toilet or drain. If you are unsure, the best option would be to simply throw it in the trash can. If, on the other hand, you have already flushed waste that is clogging your system, we suggest giving us a call at Brown & Sons Plumbing as soon as possible to get the problem resolved before further damage may occur. For all of your plumbing maintenance needs or concerns, we can be reached at 800-758-6246.

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