Pilot Point is a city in Denton County, Texas and is located on the Southeast side of Lake Ray Roberts. Pilot Point is known as the oldest settlement in Denton County and is a Texas Main Street City. The commercial district in town is listed on the national Register of Historic Places.

The Texas Historical Commission operates a program that has as its mission “to provide technical expertise, resources, and support for Texas communities in the preservation of historic downtown and commercial neighborhood districts in accord with the national Main Street Four Point Approach of organization, economic restructuring, design and promotion.”

The population of Pilot Point was a little over 3,800 at the time of the census in 2010. The area is rich in history and schools are recognized by TEA as being among the best in the area.

The city is located on an outcrop of rich, sandy soil that is perfect for training and working horses. The area is home to over 25,000 horses and 300 ranches. You can find a diverse mixture of breeds and many ranches in the area offer visitation through the North Texas Horse Country tour.

Ray Roberts Lake State Park is located on the west side of the town and is a 1400 acre state park that offers a 20 mile multiple use trail system that winds from lake Ray Roberts to Lake Lewisville.

With the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex nearby, this lovely town has plenty of access to the attractions of big city life, while offering residents a country life, small-town setting.

Living in the Pilot Point area can be a dream come true for many families, especially those who love outdoor life activities like fishing, camping, swimming, hiking, equestrian activities, and more. Residents enjoy this beautiful area of the country with peaceful atmospheres, yet being able to get everything else they could want within an easy drive.

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Professional Local Plumbing Services in Pilot Point

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But like other systems in your home, if you ignore problems they will only make matters worse. Leaks turn into puddles that damage flooring, woodwork, cabinetry, and more, and can lead to problems like mold, wood rot, and more.

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