Overcoming the Winter Frost

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Overcoming the Winter Frost

The most opportune time to winterize your home is before the icy temperatures arrive. Those temperatures, however, sometimes catch homeowners off-guard, and make life difficult by freezing water pipes. This happens in the south a lot more than some may think.

Freezing pipes in this area and in other warmer climates, because of uninsulated or under-insulated crawl spaces, can be a big problem. Icy weather conditions rarely happen each year in the area, but the protection of exposed pipes should be a main priority, as the unprotected pipes can burst if frozen.

Our Denton TX plumbers want to offer the following suggestions that will prepare you for the next big freeze – which, because of the ever-changing climate in Texas, could be in a few days away. Here are three tips to keep in mind:

  • In an effort to allow warm air to circulate, make sure the cabinet doors in your kitchen and bathrooms
  • Know where your main water valve is located. You will need to know where this is and how to turn it off if you have a frozen pipe that ruptures.
  • Feel free to use an electric hair dryer or portable space heater to thaw out a frozen pipe, but make sure that electrical cords do not come in contact with water.

Above all else, contact your Denton TX plumbing company for more information about overcoming the winter frost. Call us today, or contact us online.

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