The Meter & The Bowl

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The Meter & The Bowl

If you have noticed a recent bump in your home water bill but are using roughly the same amount of water each month, chances are, you may have a water leak somewhere.

Water leaks often times go unnoticed and unheard (you actually may hear a leak before you see it), as it can be a problem within the foundation of your home. There are two things you can do that can be vital in detecting and diagnosing a hidden water leak.

Check your toilet, and check your meter.

A toilet leak can be extremely annoying, as it can use a significant amount of water in a very short time. This kind of leak, however, is relatively easy to diagnose with the help of – believe it or not – food coloring. Remove the tank lid and apply a few drops inside. Wait for roughly a half-hour, and then glance at the water in the bowl. If the water has changed color, you have a leak between the tank and the bowl.

You also should check your water meter periodically. Find and close your shut-off valve, and then locate your water meter. Observe to see if the meter is running. If it is while the shut-off valve is closed, you have a leak underground.

We hope that you are able to find leaks before they become extreme problems around your home. Our expert Denton TX plumbers are available to assist you with leak detection and all other plumbing issues. Call or Denton plumbing company today, or contact us online for information.

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