Maintaining Your Pipes Through Freezing Temperatures

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Maintaining Your Pipes Through Freezing Temperatures

According to local meteorologists, the north Texas area is expecting a major freeze in a few days. This can be a huge problem for your water pipes – assuming you aren’t prepared.

Simply put, water freezes when it expands. Frozen water in a pipe will react in a similar manner as frozen water in a can or closed container. With enough expansion, it will rupture. For water pipes, this can be a serious issue for your home and could mean a major hit to your bank account.

Because pipes in the area are used to the warmer temperatures, they are more vulnerable to the damage the cold temperatures can cause. Our expert Denton TX plumbers want to make sure you’re prepared for the icy temperatures. Here are three important tips that will help you and your pipes get through the inclement weather.

  • Let the faucets drip: Having your faucets drip during frosty temperatures will do wonders in helping a pipe continue to do its job and not burst. That small trickle of water will offer relief from the pressure built between a faucet and the potential ice. Some people are concerned with a higher water bill. Which would you prefer, a slight bill increase of a few pennies or a major pipe repair bill that could cost you hundreds, maybe even thousands?
  • No heat whatsoever: The last thing a frozen pipe needs is heat. According to the National Weather Service, water actually freezes “when heat in the water is transferred to subfreezing air.” It’s probably best to let the water run as mentioned above.
  • Drain your system: This is a great idea if you are leaving your home for a couple of days. If you drain your water system, there is no water in your pipes. If there is no water in your pipes, they cannot freeze. Shut off your main water valve, and turn on all hot and cold water fixtures in the home. Once the water stops running, you are officially drained. Once you return, turn the main valve back on and let all hot and cold fixtures run.

These tips will definitely save you tons of money in freezing opportunities such as the ones the month of January can bring. Feel free to call our Denton plumbing company, or contact us online for more information.

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