Keeping Your Garbage Disposal in Great Shape

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Keeping Your Garbage Disposal in Great Shape

It never fails that our Denton TX plumbing company will receive a call concerning a clogged or jammed garbage disposal. While we take pride in repairing all of your plumbing needs, we feel proper maintenance and education is just as important you contacting us for repair.

Rather than spending tons of money, we want you to know your disposal and be able to detect and repair its problems on your own. In order to keep your garbage disposal in pristine shape, here are five tips that will help your disposal maintain peak performance.

  • Use water: Water is such a simple element; yet, it can be so important to keeping your disposal running. Make sure you run cold water before during and after you dispose of food and other particles.
  • Small amounts only: A garbage disposal is used for disposing of small amounts of food. It should not be used in a similar manner as a trash can. Try not to dispose of large food amounts, meat bones or gunky food condiments down the drain.
  • Expansion denied: If you’ve ever noticed foods in the bread food group (speghatti, bread slices, etc.), they expand when met with water. Imagine what can happen when these breads and water mix with a tiny drain. Your garbage disposal can be in serious trouble with repeated offenses.
  • Keep it clean: After you’ve finished using your disposal, clean it up. Dishwashing soap and water will help keep your disposal sanitary. Peels from oranges, apples, lemons, limes or any other citric fruit can also help with cleansing. They also can give your disposal a pleasant after-aroma.
  • No grease allowed: If you have grease from meats (pork, chicken, etc.), make it a priority not to toss it down the drain after use. The grease can unsharpen the disposal blades and cause them to malfunction in time.

Our Denton TX garbage disposal technicians are here for you seven days a week. Feel free to call us, or contact us online for more details.

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