Installing Body Spray Showers

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Installing Body Spray Showers

The definition of a good, relaxing shower varies with each individual. Some prefer the soft touch that a low-flow shower head can provide. Others prefer shower water to flow hard enough to a point where it serves not only as a cleanser but also as a massaging device.

Body spray showers can provide both relaxation and muscle relief. These showers, with their futuristic appearance, are becoming more and more popular within residential properties. Body spray showers are made up of multiple spray valves along your shower wall that are arranged the spray all parts of your body simultaneously.

These showers are similar to the ones you see at a health spa. Body spray showers offer a body-relaxing experience without the hundreds of dollars a year charged by health spas. The valves are controllable, as you decide the pressure of the water, as well as the direction of the spray, at the tip of a finger.

Those looking to do a full bathroom remodeling may want to consider installing a body spray shower unit. Our Denton TX plumbing installation experts at Brown & Sons Plumbing are more than qualified to assist you with a brand new body spray shower unit that will give you the shower you desire.

For more information on body spray showers, contact our Denton TX plumbers by phone, or visit us online

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