How sewage leak affects your health adversely?

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Just when you think everything is perfect in your house, leaks and cracks in your sewage pipes might ruin the entire room. Most of the time, they come without warning and leave the homeowner helpless. As the sewage water is a mixture of soaps, human excrement, beauty and hygiene products, cleaning products, detergents, and food waste, it’s very unhygienic and releases a pungent smell.

It’s always advisable to respond to a sewage issue by hiring Providence plumbing agencies who provide the best solutions to your plumbing issues. Regular maintenance of the plumbing system is also recommended to avoid major problems. In this guide, we’d be discussing health hazards caused by leaking sewage pipes and the need to address it immediately.

  1. Chemicals

Most of the people pour chemicals down the sink to kill bacteria and other creatures living inside the drain. Thinners, paints, pesticides, and cleaning products help eliminate all the bacteria. However, if you look into it from another perspective, chemicals might cause creaks and breakage in the pipes, further worsening the situation.

Since most of the chemicals are corrosive, they wear down, break, cause cracking, or oxidize the sewage pipelines. When it creates a leak in the pipe, the same chemicals get released all over the room after it’s released from the pipe, which might cause health hazards when one comes in contact with it, especially children. So, instead of trying to tackle the problems all by yourself, take the advice of professionals such as agencies of Providence plumbing.

2. Gas

When we breathe raw gases emitted by leaky sewage, it’s harmful to us in several ways. Gases such as chlorine, methane, sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrous oxide are very toxic to human beings. When inhaled by either animals or humans, these gases will act as a hindrance in the path of oxygen, which might further lead to disorientation.

A common sewage gas, hydrogen sulfide, causes health hazards such as disorientation, sickness, and can even be fatal. Methane asphyxiates homeowners and leads to death and unconsciousness. Even small amounts of methane gas can be deadly for people.

3. Dangerous Pathogens

Pathogens, or also known as pathogenic organisms, are organisms that make us fall sick. Even though certain bacteria are termed harmless, and they already exist inside us, if ingested once again after they’re out of the body, they become pathogenic ad causes harm to humans.

If you notice even a slight leak in your plumbing system, immediately seek the help of anyProvidence plumbingagency to solve your difficulty. Once the pathogens sneak their way in from the breaking points, there’re very high chances of you getting Shigella, Salmonella, Cholera, E-coli, Intestinal amoebas, and Campylobacter. If it comes in contact with food, your children and you will suffer from such disease once you ingest it.

4. Explosions

An explosion is the most catastrophic, yet a very rare consequence of a leaky sewage system. As said above, your pipes might release several harmful gases that are hazardous for humans as well as animals. However, if it’s not released from the pipes, it gets accumulated over time, increasing the chance of causing an explosion.

Gradually, all these gases build up inside a confined space, and when it’s exposed even a slight flame or spark, it gets ignited and causes an explosion blowing up your entire plumbing system or even the entire room. It doesn’t matter whether the gas is being accumulated inside, or is released through the crack, it can cause harm in both the cases.

5. Septic Systems

Bacteria play an important role in the reintroduction of sewage water into waterways or aquifers for treatment. Underground septic tanks are made store sewage water where bacteria would act over the water before sending it forward to a leechfield or drainfield. Once it’s passed forward, it percolates through the natural filter of the subsoil and then back to the water table.

People assume that bacteria should be put inside the septic tank so that it works properly. Therefore, many people flush down yeast or bacteria-producing materials through the drain. In reality, this is an unnecessary step and would only encourage the growth of pathogens in the sewage, which might get into the house if there’s a leak in your sewage line. So, before taking such drastic measurements, ask any Providence plumbing agency to look into the matter.

6. Growth of Molds and Mildew

Molds and mildew thrive on the dampness caused by leaking pipes. If left unaddressed, these molds grow and turn into a nightmare for people with asthma or mold allergies. Whether it’s a wall, floor, indoor plant, or food, mold can grow over any surface, given its damp. Apart from that, it also releases fungus into the air, which might enter into your system through your nose.

If it enters your system via food or air, it’ll pave its path to your lungs and will trigger asthma. Some molds release a higher level of mycotoxins, which can often cause neurological problems and can even be fatal in some cases. Not merely that, it might also instigate other respiratory issues such as breathing difficulty, nose irritation, chest pains, sneezing, runny nose, and so on. Before the molds turn into a nightmare for you, you should wipe them off by hiring the services of a professional plumbing agency.


Now that you’re aware of how sewage leakages might be the sole reason behind your or your children falling sick, we hope you’d ensure regular maintenance from now on. Availing the services of professional plumbing agencies makes sure that you stay ahead of potential issues and fix them before it worsens. Professionals will survey your sewage system and take care of it if there’s any fault. No matter what, you should never try a DIY project when it comes to plumbing issues. Instead of solving it, you might end up worsening the problem even more. By surveying your plumbing system, you get to save yourself several bucks. If you don’t, you’ll have to pay even more for the repair or replacement of the entire plumbing system.

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