How a Power Outage Could Lead to Water Heater Repair

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Wintertime creates a number of situations that can damage essential elements in your home, including your water heater. At Brown & Sons Plumbing, we have been helping people cope with inclement weather by providing dependable water heater repair and other plumbing services before and after the storm passes. Cold temperatures may not damage your water heater directly, but it can impact the systems that your heater depends on.

Cold Weather Can Lead to Power Outages

Virtually all area homes have water heater systems that depend on electricity to one degree or another. As temperatures drop, residents switch on heaters and other appliances, which places an increased demand on the available power supply. These spikes in demand can actually lead to outages if the municipal power supply is not able to accommodate the demand.

Since your water heater is a major appliance, it places a significant demand on your home’s power supply. You can turn off the circuit breaker connected to your water heater to prevent a second outage from occurring in the minutes after your power is restored.

A power outage may prevent you from using your water heater as normal. It might even lead to frozen pipes or other widespread problems. If this happens then you need to contact a Denton plumber as soon as possible and schedule a water heater repair. Restoring pipe function will allow you to use your water heater as normal after power returns to normal levels.

Is Your Heater Ready for Winter?

If you are concerned about the power demand of your water heater, contact Brown & Sons Plumbing at 800-758-6246. Arrange for water heater repair services before cold weather sets in.

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