‘Going Green’ With Water Conservation

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‘Going Green’ With Water Conservation

We’ve all heard the phrase “going green,” and most of us have an idea of the concept to be more environmentally conscious. Overall, we are recycling and using energy-efficient devices and appliances now more than ever.

One of the world’s most valuable resources, however, can help us become more “green.” Many of us tend to forget that water and the way it’s used can really be a global advantage for our ecosystem. There are a few different ways to contribute in energy conservation simply by how we use our water.

Here are three tips that will help out on a daily basis:

  • No leaks anywhere: A small faucet leak can eventually turn into a high repair bill and/or a high utility bill for the year. Check for all leaks, whether they are from a bathroom faucet, sink faucet or even a water heater.
  • Go tankless: Switching from a conventional water heater to a tankless water heater will assist in saving money on water usage. Tankless water heaters not only provide instant hot water but also are excellent efficiency appliances.
  • Showers, no baths: Taking showers rather than taking baths will save a significant amount of water each day, which will result in hundreds of dollars saved each year. It is estimated that a shower can save up to five gallons each time.

Our Denton TX plumbers are advocates for a cleaner, greener environment in all possible aspects. Let us assist you with water conservation. Call our Denton plumbing company today, or contact us online for additional tips and information.

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