Gas Leak Prevention

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Gas Leak Prevention

A leaking gas line can be extremely dangerous. Fire and explosion can result from a simple spark, causing damage to your home or harm to your family. Because gas may be used by multiple household appliances, such as furnaces, ovens, stoves and water heaters, many opportunities exist for gas leaks to occur.

Natural gas leaks can be obvious. Maybe you’ve noticed the smell of sulfuric gas fumes even though your gas appliances are shut off. Some gas leaks, however, are not immediately noticeable. If you suspect a gas line leak in your home or office, turn off your gas lines, don’t flip any electrical switches, allow fresh air to enter your home and call your natural gas provider. If it is determined that a gas leak exists inside your home, contact a qualified Denton TX gas line repair specialist to fix the problem.

There are a couple of preventative measures you can take to avoid future gas leak problems. First, you can put a gas detector in your home. Gas detectors are commonly battery operated and wall mountable, similar to smoke detectors. More complex models are also available that can tie into your home security system. Second, you can have your home inspected annually for gas line leaks. Our Denton Texas plumbers are train to detect and repair gas line leaks. If caught early enough, leaks can be addressed before problems can result. Contact us today for a gas leak inspection.

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