Drain Cleaning: Why Hire Professionals?

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Since they are typically hidden from view and require little to no maintenance unless a clog occurs, the dangers of DIY drain cleaning are often underestimated. Homeowners typically first look to pouring chemicals into the drain, when the reality is that the source of the clog is usually not yet known. Here at Brown & Sons Plumbing, we caution against some DIY methods, as pouring a chemical down your drain when it is not needed may be the worst choice you can make to try to remedy the situation. In addition, almost all drain cleaners are hazardous to your body, as well as to the environment. They can cause burns, blindness, and in some cases, even fatalities.

The Best Choice

Calling the pros really is the best choice for most drain problems. A professional drain cleaning company has tools at their disposal to clear drains as quickly and safely as possible. One example is the very popular method of drain jetting with a rotary nozzle, which provides a concentrated burst of water to help move clogs along. In addition, a qualified professional drain cleaner brings years of experience and proven techniques in clog discovering and clearing.

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