Drain Cleaning and Other Important Home Maintenance

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Drain Cleaning and Other Important Home Maintenance

Maintaining your home can seem like a complex and overwhelming task. Your home has so many systems and functions that require regular attention—heating, plumbing, and air conditioning, to name a few. With the help of Brown & Sons Plumbing in Denton, you can rest assured that your home is properly and safely maintained.

Heating System

Most homes are equipped with heating systems. You likely rely on your heater to ensure the comfort and health of your family during the cold winter months. Regular maintenance of your heating system (including a check of your thermostat settings, electrical connections, and condensate drains and the application of lubrication of any moving parts within the system) will lead to a better functioning heater. If your current heating system is not meeting your needs and you are interested in heating installation services, there are many high efficiency systems available to save you money in utilities while efficiently heating your home.

Plumbing System

Regular plumbing maintenance in your home is a great way to prevent costly water damage in and around plumbing fixtures. This type of maintenance typically includes drain cleaning and faucet aerator cleaning. Another important aspect of plumbing maintenance is inspecting for leaks in the pipes that lead or connect to sinks, toilets, showers, bath tubs, washing machines, ice makers, etc.

Air Conditioning System

Air conditioning units likely play an important role in your home. Staying comfortable in the warm summer months depends largely on the proper functioning of your AC unit. To ensure this functioning, you can have your air conditioning unit regularly serviced. This commonly entails changing filters, suctioning drains, and cleaning coils.

Home maintenance may seem like an intimidating undertaking, but with the help of Brown & Sons Plumbing and all of the helpful services they offer, your home can be properly attended to. Call them at 800-758-6246 to schedule your skilled and professional home maintenance.

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