Detecting a Slab Leak

Detecting a Slab Leak

A slab leak is defined as a hole or crack in the piping within the concrete foundation of your house. You can probably imagine how devastating the aftermath of one of these leaks would be – therefore, there are steps you can take to detect a slab leak; and steps to deal with one if you think you’re affected. If you are affected by a slab leak, our Denton TX Plumbing Company can help you keep this dangerous foundation leak at bay.

The most common symptom of slab leaks is a puddle on the floor, with no known source. Leaks in your foundation will almost always creep up through the foundation and surface in the most unsuspecting areas. Warm sections on the floor can also go hand-in-hand with spots of moisture. The leaking water (or even gas) can create odd spots of moisture that you may feel when you’re walking around. If you feel a warm spot, a Dallas plumbing company should be contacted immediately.

Another telltale sign of a Denton slab leak is unordinary utility bills. Because slab leaks can be water or natural gas, either bill may be affected. If you notice an extremely high bill, then something is out of place. However, a dripping or leaky faucet or showerhead could also be the culprit. Our Dallas plumbers can come over immediately to diagnose your situation.

Slab leak repair can be time consuming and expensive, but the longer amount of time that repair is put off, the more extensive the damage gets. In order to repair one of these leaks, our Denton plumbers must dig to the location of the leak, even if it means going through the flooring in your home. It may sound destructive, but it’s the only way to prevent the leak from become disastrous.

If our Plumbers in Denton TX detect the presence of a slab leak, we will make sure to carefully work our way to the leak and replace the faulty piping with new, high quality piping to ensure the problem won’t happen again. If you have a slab leak, contact our plumbers today.

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