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Plumbing is one of those systems in your home that you probably don’t think about too much. As long as it works properly, it doesn’t require a lot of attention. However, when a pipe suddenly bursts due to freezing temperatures or your toilet backs up all over the floor, you realize very quickly how important your plumbing is and how much damage it can cause if it isn’t working properly. When you need emergency plumbing repair, you can depend on Brown & Sons Plumbing to come to your aid quickly and efficiently.

Winter Brings Extra Business to Plumbers

This winter has brought freezing temperatures that have frozen and burst plumbing pipes throughout the country, including New Hampshire. As temperatures plummeted and pipes froze, many customers made emergency telephone calls to plumbers in their area, desperately hoping to receive emergency plumbing repair before the damage became even more extensive. To prepare yourself for such a situation, it is important that you keep the phone number for Brown & Sons Plumbing on-hand at all times so that you can call us fast when you need a Denton plumber who will rush to your aid.

Be Prepared

When the weather takes a turn for the worse and causes your pipes to freeze, you need to be able to rely on a plumbing company who will rush to provide you with fast and reliable emergency plumbing repair services. Give Brown & Sons Plumbing a call at


 the next time you need plumbing repairs.

Source: Eagle Tribune, “Freezing Weather Keeps Plumbers Busy,” Doug Ireland, Jan. 7, 2014

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